// ]]>. This means that for the year 2008, the CWF spent 58% of its total revenue on its actual aid programs. The Canadian Wildlife Federation’s mission is to conserve and inspire the conservation of Canada’s wildlife and habitats for the use and enjoyment of all. [14] Some national partners include: Canadian Wildlife Service, Parks Canada, Royal Botanical Gardens (Ontario) and Atlas of Canada. In 2009, The Canadian Wildlife Federation received $15.2 million in donations and $1.4 million in revenue to total $16.6 million for the year. CWF engages over 575,000 people and reaches over 2.5 million each year who join us in working from coast to coast to maintain something very important — a bright future for Canada’s wildlife. [5] In 2020, the CWF launched two new youth education programs: the Wild Outside Program and the Canadian Conservation Corp. Wild Outside aims to help youth aged 15 to 18 start conservation programs where they live. $8.3 million was spent on wildlife aid programs. Developing the next generation of young conservation stewards is the goal of a new Canadian Wildlife Federation … The Canadian Wildlife Service, a division of Environment and Climate Change Canada, manages the National Wildlife Areas, Marine Wildlife Areas, and Migratory Bird Sanctuaries for the protection of wildlife. The adaptations that many species have undergone to adjust to the varying climate include shifting their migratory ranges, migrating earlier or later than usual, and changing hibernation patterns.[11]. Retrieved July 19, 2011", "Logan P. (2011). In the same year, the CWF spent $8.3 million on wildlife aid programs. Visit PayScale to research Canadian Wildlife Federation salaries, bonuses, reviews, benefits, and more! Retrieved July 19, 2011", "Canadian Wildlife Federation (2011). All of this can be made possible because of the many partners and sponsors of the CWF. CWF's education programs include: Wild Education, which teachers can use to develop their own programming, a Summer Institute for educators, Hinterland Who's Who which has informed Canadians about wildlife for more than 50 years, Wild about Sports, which is a program developed by Damian Foxall to connect sport participants with the natural world and conservation ethic. Other donation types include: one time, in memoriam, In-honour and bequest, which can be sent through the CWF's website.[13]. In 2011, the CWF took steps to reduce the organization's carbon footprint including, weighing their mail to avoid over-mailing, less travel and more centralized meetings, installing solar units and recycling. Canada houses many freshwater sources throughout the country including lakes and rivers, which are responsible for nearly 9% of the global renewable water energy supply. [14] The many partners of the CWF provide financial support and aid with resources to help protect wildlife. [13] The CWF accepts many types of donations including a monthly donation, which is a regular commitment to donate a certain amount of money each month. [19], "Mycio, L. (2011). Canadian Wildlife Federation Balances Conservation Priorities with Donor Acquisition Success. ga('linker:autoLink', ['secure2.convio.net', 'donate.cwf-fcf.org'] ); The average salary for Canadian Wildlife Federation employees in Canada is C$58,057 per year. For the year 2009, the CWF spent 63% of its total yearly revenue on aid programs; which is 5% higher than the number in 2008. [2], The Canadian Wildlife Federation is devoted to teaching others to appreciate the natural world in order to ensure a lasting legacy of healthy wildlife and habitat.[3]. Marine. CWF prides itself in being accountable and transparent in fulfilling our mission. The Canadian Wildlife Federation works with Boomerang Tools. By supporting the Canadian Wildlife Federation, you are helping conservation efforts right here at home in Canada. The Canadian Wildlife Federation (CWF) is categorized as an animal protection charity by the Canada Revenue Agency. [17] As an aid organization, the percentage of revenue spent on aid programs should be as high as possible, keeping administrative and fund-raising expenses to a minimum. One way you can start the conversation is by sharing the Q&A with Canadian Wildlife Federation right whale expert Sean Brillant, linked below. [9], Climate change is a global issue that researchers believe will have serious, negative consequences in the future, but its current effect on wildlife is apparent. We believe in living sustainably for future generations. Collectively known as the Staying Connected Initiative, the National Wildlife Federation and its partners are working to conserve key linkage areas that are critical for lynx, bobcat, bear, moose, and other far … Donations play a crucial role in the CWF's involvement and preservation of wildlife in Canada. The CWF spent $10.3 million on wildlife aid programs. The Canadian Wildlife Federation. Check out the "Events" page to find an event in your area.Click on the event you'd like to attend. Since our inception in 1962, we have worked diligently to foster this Canadian way of life. Education and awareness are key, you, along with so many fellow Canadians, can lead the charge for conservation!By ensuring the programs at the Canadian Wildlife Federation … National Marine Conservation Areas, while also under federal control, do not afford the same level of protection. The purpose of this walk is to raise awareness about sustainable forest management and conservation of habitats for Canadian wildlife. For more species, visit Hinterland Who's Who, a joint program of the Canadian Wildlife Federation and Environment Canada. The Canadian Wildlife Federation (French: Fédération canadienne de la faune) is a Canadian non-profit organization dedicated to wildlife conservation. The CWF also aims to influence government regulations regarding endangered species in order to promote longevity of the species. Finally, CWF aims to educate and increase awareness on problems concerning Canadian wildlife and how Canadians can aid in the conservation of natural environments. Retrieved July 19, 2011. They Inform ( Educate) They spread the word about wildlife … Your gift, no matter the size, is a meaningful and greatly valued … Retrieved July 19, 2011", "Canadian Wildlife Federation (2011). Advocating for Strong Carbon Emission Reduction Targets for Canada. Mission. The Canadian Wildlife Federation is a dedicated Organization to ensure healthy wildlife and their home environment. Charitable registration # 10686 8755 RR0001, //